KISS of death.

Everyone knows K.I.S.S.; Keep It Stupidly Simple (yes I flipped the last 2 so it was less demeaning).

There are few places where this philosophy has better results than Dice Masters.  Most people think Dice Masters is a game of chance, but they’re only marginally right.  This game is about decision making in a stressful situation.  In order to maximize your ability to purchase the correct dice, or block with the right character, you need to abuse State-dependant Memory.

That link is a long read but here’s the basic Idea:

If you are preparing for a test or event, if you can replicate as many variables as possible, you will have better recall and lower stress during said test or event.


So let’s apply that to Dice Masters.  Here’s an easy list of what we can keep the same when practicing for an event:

  • Card Placement (BAC and Character)
  • Playmat
  • Sidekick and BAC dice (if you have special dice or multiple colors for BACs, stick to 1 set to familiarize yourself with your team)
  • Life Counters
  • Dice Bag
  • Amount of Rest
  • What you’re drinking (water is easiest to get at an event and makes an ideal practice beverage; plus it’s good for you)
  • Being Hungry/Full

There are other things you can do as well, such as chewing gum or listening to music, but music is hard to pull off in an event environment and gum makes your jaw sore if you have to chew it for every match.

For everything that is in the same spot and your brain has internalized, that’s 1 less thing you have to think about when making a decision regarding the board state. Lot’s of people think they have intuition, or “it”, the mystical force that makes them understand the game.  This is rarely the case, much like you don’t think about tying your shoes, those players don’t think about what to save for the perfect PXG, they just do it b/c they have internalized it.

This seems like a nonsense trick or something that will have minimal effect at best, but I can tell you from college that this method of preparing was the difference between A’s and C’s. During Finals week I had alarms set for every meal, nap, and study session.  When I got to the test everything was automatic, b/c I would remember a scent, a taste, an emotion and the answer would just flow out of me.


At any rate, I challenge those of you going to a WKO next month to attempt this method and see if you don’t do better or at least feel better going into these matches than expected.


-Good Luck Dice Masters



Getting Started

Like many of you I frequent TheReservePool, and a recent podcast got me thinking on what I would like to see from the community.  I think there’s focus on talking about and around the game and some of the common core mechanics, however, I don’t think they are very well explained.

I’ll be honest, veterans of Dice Masters, or top 8 cut players probably aren’t going to find much here that will help them.  Those guys have already figured out the pieces of the puzzle for high level play.  However, for everyone else, I’m hoping to raise your level and get you used to common mechanics or ideas that you may be playing ineffectively or were unaware about. Most importantly I’ll be talking about practice, and how to make the most of it.

Anyway, this will be an attempt at filling a void I think is missing in the Dice Masters community, because what I crave is more people trying to compete at a higher level.